What do you 'do'?

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What do you ‘do’? Who else finds that question really hard to answer in the heat of the moment, and then afterwards berates themselves with all the things they should have said? For me, the response has always been some kind of garbled explanation of who I’m married to, and that I have 3 kids, and that I do other ‘bits and pieces’. Ugh! Bits and pieces??! That really doesn’t cut it. I’

m so much more than that, but in the real world underselling oneself is some kind of defence mechanism. So... what do you do? I’m genuinely interested in how you answer that question, and whether you’ve got over the embarrassment of self-promotion.

For the record, this is what I really do...
I run my own business as a freelance restaurant PR and writer.

I worked for years in hospitality as a restaurant manager, waitress and all things in between. I married a chef, and my life still revolves around kitchens.

Now I take photos of food and wonderful places, and work with businesses and the people within them to tell their stories. I do that through running their social media channels and websites, not on my own page.

I work with hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, a law firm, and our own burger business.

In 2014 my husband joined Steak & Honour as a partner. We put our savings into the business, bought a second van, and I started working behind the scenes. I run their social media accounts, manage the marketing budget and book the events. In 2017 we opened the first S&H restaurant.

It has not always been easy. But I’m proud of my achievements, as a mum of 3 and as a freelancer. My job has evolved over time, mainly thanks to the fantastic relationships I’ve built online.

Have you found social media has been key in broadening your work horizons? How has it changed what you do? And... What do you do?