Beauty Recommendations in Cambridge


With the party season upon us, I thought i’d tell you about some of the ladies in Cambridge who help me pull myself together. I don’t spend too much time obsessing about ‘beauty’ (the first time I ever bought lipstick was for my honeymoon in 2016) but I certainly appreciate the advice of people who know what that are talking about.

It all starts with skin, doesn’t it. Mine is best when I do cardio every day, drink loads of water and get more than 5 hours sleep. But you know… life. So lets start with a game-changing facial.

Cambridge Cosmetics & Aesthetics


I first came to know Kelle McEwan, the director of CC&A, as an all-go single mum, juggling work with motherhood and fitness. I’d see her in the gym creche at dawn, then powering up the step-machine, and dashing off to drop-offs and business meetings. Kelle set up her own business many years ago, and has become a specialist microblader and aesthetic technician with a list of exclusive private clients.

Kelle uses Alumier MD products; pharmaceutical grade skin treatments that cannot be bought over the counter. The Alumier peels work at different depths to target specific skin concerns, and mine was tailor made for my skin complaints.

  1. Enzyme Retexturising treatment combined with an Aqua infusion mask to prepare the skin before the chemical peel.

  2. Radiant 20/10: a resurfacing peel containing lactic acid to exfoliate and resurface, minimising signs of acne and improving skin tone.

  3. Neutralising Solution: a single layer of Vitamin A boost.

  4. Brightening Accelerator: an innovative blend of skin brighteners, antioxidants, anti-aging ingredients and peptides.

  5. Recovery Balm and a tinted SPF: for coverage & a sheer healthy glow.

The photos above are between 1 treatment. When I go back for my 3rd i’ll share those improvement photos with you too.

Kelle also does more drastic treatments like the ‘Vampire’ facial, with the micro-needling technique made famous Kim Kardashian’s bloody (yeah really) face on Instagram. I think I want to try this…. Would you?!

Amy White Beauty Therapy


Amy is so good that we flew her out to Tuscany for our wedding! She has over 15 years experience as a beauty therapist, has two kids and runs her own business purely on recommendations. Her treatment room is a private studio in Great Shelford and it’s tricky to get an appointment! Amy’s clients are very loyal - we do tend to book a few months in advance to guarantee she can fit us in! She sometimes posts cancellations in her Instagram stories, which are the best way of getting hold of a slot this Christmas.

Amy introduced me to all the beauty techniques people had apparently been doing for years. I never got the memo when I was having babies in my 20’s, but now, with more money and the occasional evening away from the kids, these kinds of treatments are worth their weight in gold. She’s queen of the natural look, and her french manicures and lash extensions are my ultimate treats. She did all the make-up at my wedding, hands, feet, lashes & brows, looked after my mum, and also has the very best chat.



When it comes to hair, I just never have the time. If you bump into me, chances are it’ll be in a ponytail and washed with gym hand-soap. But when matters get completely out of hand, or an event has crept up out of nowhere, the Elajé App from Elajé Hair & Beauty is a godsend. You can scroll same-day availability, choose your stylist (pick Alice!) and even get beauty treatments done at at the same time as your barnet. Julia Gaudio, the owner of Elaje, is an absolute powerhouse. A local mum of two, she’s built up the business since 2008 and is still hands-on in the salon.

If you’re looking for something closer to town, head over to Adamson Berekoff on King Street. It’s the vision of two established Cambridge stylists, Jamie & Ryan, with a friendly vibe and no fuss. Indre does my hair. She’s the queen of the glossy bob. A mum of two girls and originally from Romania, she’s my favourite hairdresser because she’s genuinely interesting and doesn’t do small talk. What makes a great hairdresser for you? I’m all about the good coffee, Lotus Biscoff biscuits and as little awkward conversation as possible.